The nursery of elite cats of breed Maine Coon Royal Poly Coons: our kittens


Royal Poly Coons

We are pleased to welcome you at our website of purebred Maine Coon Cattery. We work since 2006, successfully raising purebred and healthy Maine Coon cats. We are closely collaborating with other Russian Maine Coon Catteries, specialized on polydactyl, odd-eyed and other rare Mainecoons.

In our Cattery you may find all types of polydactyl cats, patty paws, mitten paws as well as kittens with standard paws. We are specializing on the rarest phenomenon — odd-eyed Maine coons, snow-white polydactyls as well as shell and shaded colors. In our Cattery we have a unique breeding king-cat — Mr. Vatson, who is odd-eyed snow-white huge polydactyl cat with number of toes 28 (7/7/7/7). We always have the rarest spices of Maine Coons kittens available.

We are registered in WCF Cat Federation and strictly follow their rules. Focusing on the derivation of the one breed we have been able to achieve perfect results. The breeding work with our pets is aimed at obtaining offsprings with good health, stable psyche and the exterior traits meeting all standards.

In addition, we are serious about preserving the historical look of Maine Coon: it is a large, powerful, wild looking and severe «farm» cat. In our cattery we control every mating, excluding the casual relationships.

The country house, in which the cattery is located, helps us to accommodate all the pets according to the requirements of personal space. All our animals live with us, with our family with permanent care and our deepest love.

Our graduates live in different parts of the world — USA, Canada, South America, Europe and Asia. Most of them won championships awards. We are proud of them.

For every purchase we do our best to arrange the most comfortable delivery procedure for the kitten and for the future owner. We are working only with the most reliable airlines with decent prices in case of air travel (KLM, JAL, Aeroflot).

We are also glad to keep in touch with our kittens and their owners, always ready to advise on any emerging issue about Maine Coons.