Available Kittens


Aisi, polydactyl tortie female 🐾🐾 very fluffy, long hair, ideal profile 🔥Reserved for Martina 💕

Taison, snow white blue eyed male 🔥 rising superstar 🥇 reserved for Martina 💕

Tiffany, polydactyl female🐾🐾 blue silver tortie 🔥 reserved for Kristin 💕

Tequila, polydactyl female 🐾🐾 blue silver tortie 🔥 Reserved for Bianca 💕

Tisha, polydactyl female 🐾🐾 blue silver tortie 🔥 Reserved for Tammy 💕

Victor, blue solid male, color is developing, probably smoked 🔥 reserved for Sonia 💕

Venice, very high silver, color is developing, ns11 in line 🔥stay with us 💕

Ursalina, snow white polydactyl female, patty paws 🐾🐾 very heavy, perfect profile, wide muzzle 🏅

Vegas, blue smoked male 🔥🔥🔥 perfect breeding quality 💕

Upton, red silver male 🔥🔥🔥 very big, perfect breeding quality 🏅

Michael, absolutely unique snow white blue eyed polydactyl male 🐾🐾 patty paws 🐾🐾 perfect muzzle, strong profile, long tassels, wild brutal look 💕 just perfect 💕 reserved for Marie-France 💕

Orbit, polydactyl male, 4 WD 🐾🐾 black ticked marble 🔥🔥🔥perfect profile, long vertical ears, very big 💕

Volchok, polydactyl black smoked male 🔥🔥🔥 just perfect 🥇

Sorbet, Exclusive polydactyl male, toes 7/7/6/6 🐾🐾 unique color black smoke with a lot of silver 🔥🔥🔥 just all perfect

Tootsie, snow white female with golden eyes 👀🔥 very long vertical ears, super profile 🔥

Urmala, Snow White female 🔥🔥🔥 very long, vertical ears 🐰 missive muzzle, very perspective 💕

Tornado, snow white male, green (dark blue?) eyes 👀 very promising boy 💕

Valmont, polydactyl male, patty paws 🐾🐾 blue silver marble 🔥🔥🔥 ns 11 in line 💕 very perspective 🏅

Teddy, snow white male with bright blue eyes 👀 🔥 very sweet and fluffy 🔥 perfect for breeding 🥇

Vanilla, polydactyl very high silver female, color is developing, ns11 in line 🔥 Option of the cattery 💕

Ulf Hv├Čtr, absolutely unique polydactyl male 🔥 oddy eyed 👁 👁 patty paws 🐾🐾 reserved for Tayler 💕

Udjin, snow white male 🐾🐾 golden eyes 🔥 perfect muzzle 🐾 🐾 very big, very perspective 🏅

Omega, polydactyl female 🐾🐾 black solid 🔥 patty paws 🐾 🐾 very big, very massive muzzle 💕 real panther 🐆 show/breeding quality

Michael, absolutely unique polydactyl male, patty paws 🐾🐾 snow white, blue eyed

Papillon, polydactyl male, patty foots 🐾🐾 real lion 🦁 perfect profile, very massive muzzle 💕 very perspective for breeding 🏅

Rikki-Tikki-Tavi, polydactyl male, black marble on silver 🔥🔥🔥 huge, massive muzzle 💕 reservation for Shanda

Pipiya, polydactyl female 🐾🐾 patty paws 🐾 🐾 very bright tortie, very big 💕 high breeding quality, very perspective 🏅

Nympha, snow white polydactyl female🐾🐾 patty paws 💕 option of the Cattery 👀

Nalim, red silver male 💕 polydactyl 4 WD 🐾🐾 perfect, enormous paws 🐾 show/breeding 💕 probably will stay with us

Nafanya, polydactyl male 🐾🐾 black smoked with white 💕 patty foots 🐾🐾 just my love 😍 stay with us 💕

Oscar, giant polydactyl male 🐾 patty foots, toes 6/6/6/6 🐾 perfect muzzle, long tassels 💕 show/breeding quality 🏅 reserved for Irina

Nefertiti 💕 snow white blue eyed female, very bright blue eyes color 👀 perfect ears, massive muzzle, long tassels, 100% hearing abilities 💕 reserved for Laura

R1, Snow white polydactyl female, very big, fluffy, perfect profile 🏅 top quality 💕

R2, blue cream tortie, polydactyl female, very fluffy, wild look, very perspective 💕🏅

R3, snow white polydactyl female, perfect muzzle, ideal profile 🏅 top quality

Lucky, polydactyl male 🐾🐾 black marble on silver 💕 perfect muzzle, profile, XXXL size 💕 show/breeding quality

Blue silver with white polydactyl male, very massive paws, perfect profile 💕 show/breeding quality 🏅

Blue cream ticked female with silver, polydactyl 🐾 🐾 exclusive color, perfect breeding quality 🏅