Cattery of elite Maine Coon breed Royal Poly Coons: our breeding females, photos


Anita EKB-Coon, standard paws, black tortie

Desdemona Pride24Carata, standard paws, silver tortie

Diva Divnaya Iz Doma Yahontoff, Snow White, standard paws

Rapunzel Eyktan, black tortie with white, standard paws

Eva Star, polydactyl red silver with white, patty paws, 7/7/6/6

Oladushka Eyktan, black tortie on silver with white, standard paws

Norda Hippopotamia, polydactyl makrel with white, patty paws, 7/7/7/7

Matryochka Pride24Carata, black smoked, standard paws

Onika, oddyeyed snow white, standard paws

Honda Hippopotamia, blue solid, polydactyl mitten paws, toes 7/7/6/6

Honda Tender Friend, blue solid, standard paws

Miroslavna, polydactyl snow white oddyeyed, patty paws, toes 6/6/6/6