The nursery of elite cats of breed Maine Coon Royal Poly Coons: price and delivery


Dear Customer!

We treat each delivery individually. We do our best to arrange the most safe and comfortable shipment for your kittens. We are working only with reputable international airlines (KLM, JAL, Aeroflot) experienced in animal deliveries.

International animal shipment rules are very well developed and strict same as the veterinary procedures for animal exports. We are aware of all official formalities and will perform all necessary procedures to issues the international veterinary certificate, book the flight, pass the customs formalities and load the animal into the airplane.

In fact, we will continuously keep you informed on all stages of shipment preparation and stay in touch all the way until you receive your kittens in the point of destination.

All payment terms are also discussed individually. We accept all payment methods including PayPal, Moneygram, WesternUnion, bank transfers etc.